Bad Mom – Movie or reality – all you have to do is cook

If you have never seen the movie “Bad Moms”, you simply have to, especially if you feel guilty most of the time because you simply cannot get to doing all those things that other, more perfect mothers seem to get done every day.

Actually, for most of us, there is a “Bad Mom” lurking somewhere inside and if she has not surfaced yet, she soon will.  Be patient.

Working moms seem to have it down to pat – great career, fantastic family, smart children, but if you look a little closer, there might be a little fraying at the edges.  Take that away, stay as you are but get smarter.

So how to be a Bad Mom

and get liked….

If you want it all but don’t seem to be able to do everything in a day, don’t sweat the small stuff! Get smart and use an innovative solution for your shopping and cooking – a solution where you can manage to produce high quality food with ease and look like a super chef. Because….

all you have to do is cook.

Think out of the box and order in – yes you heard right – no big deal, just order ready ingredients that are fresh with no waste, where all the shopping and sourcing of ingredients has already been done – all you need to do is to take out the days bag, take out the ingredients, follow the simplest of recipes and all you have to do is cook!

You do not have to plan

You do not have to shop (unless for that number)

You do not need a recipe

Have an evening glass of wine while it gets delivered to your doorstep.

Ditch the guilt, enjoy being a “bad mom” and enjoy every bit of having it all and more.

Then next time go out on a Sunday and have a special Indian Social Sunday with your family or friends.

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