Buying food from Woolies is a great option, particularly if you like your fruit and veg to last a lot longer than other stores, plus the choices are usually not only fresh but interesting, particularly for moms and dads that lead busy lives.We actually love Woolies ourselves.woolies

Singles that are not too keen on cooking and eating alone know the aisles of their local Woolies inside-out, too; after all, who likes to wing it alone practicing their culinary talents?

But there is an alternative to buying pre-cooked and pre-prepared meals from Woolies that might seem like the only option available – thinking a little out of the box and doing things in an original way, you might soon be pleasantly surprised at discovering exactly how wonderful preparing food and eating can be – here’s how:

Food4Four will shop and hand-pick the freshest and/or organic ingredients on your behalf, supplying you and your loved ones with delicious and nutritious, easy-to-prepare recipes.


All meals are packed and these delivered to your door anywhere in South Africa, free of charge.

Life does not get any better than this – now you can have it all – actually, now you can aim to own the whole enchilada. Food will be lovingly hand-picked for you (no waste of food or time), delivered right into your grubby little palms (no time squandered finding parking and queuing at tills, giving you more hours to do the fun stuff you love to do), and recipes conjured by the magicians from Food4Four (you can now save your brain power for your video games and other activities that require concentration).


Do you want something healthy, easy, fresh and fantastic? Food4Four is the real deal, the Big Mama, in fact, Food4Four is the whole Enchilada with the secret of success being attention to the finer details.
Eating and cooking for one is never glamorous or fun – but why not turn this negative into a positive?
Who said you had to have fast food and pre-packed meals if you live alone – and who said your life had to be less than perfect?


Get the crystal out, set the table for one with candlelight, put some cool music on, dance around the room with Felix and Rover (you heard right) and cook an awesome meal – for one.
Food4Four gets it – every time. Everyone is busy and stressed and there is no time except for dining Woolies!
Why should you short-change your life just because you are a single entity? Woolies is nice enough, granted, and certainly, holds an important place in the lives of millions of South Africans from all walks of life – but Food4Four goes one step further offering families solutions to shopping and eating.

Order in – and we are not referring to cardboard pizzas. Now you can place your orders and receive your meals for the week.Choose from the array of delectable gastronomic offerings that will be sourced, fresh and tasty, delivered to your door, offering you the occasion to create those amazing creations that will grace your plate and palate. If you are single perhaps now is the time to invite someone over to impress them with your culinary skills, and soon you will be cooking for two and not for one.

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