So you want to grow veggies, herbs and maybe some fruit at home.veggies

However if you a city person you may not have access to a garden, lots of sun but containers may just work for you.

How do you get the max out of that garden/container small space.  Well at Food4Four we support self sustainability, organic, fresh and free range whenever possible.

The biggest advantage of containers is – easy to move, use up those crappy spaces and its easy to work in. Hoever you must make sure you take care of a few things.  Don’t do it – no veggies.

You want morning sun – its gentle and won’t burn everything and remove all the water – remember you have little soil so evaporation is quick.


No.  Any pot will do as long as it is not too small.  Too small no soil and you need more soil so that your roots can take and your water and nutrients are as abundant as possible. Small pots work for seedlings.


So your herbs, rocket and lettuces need shallower smaller pots but for baby marrows, tomatoes, peppers, chilies, beans and  cucumbers get a bigger pot.

So it may seem that you have such small seeds in a big box not true, use a few so that your plants do not compete with each other for water and nutrients and you will be pleased later.

I suggest your pots have drainage holes in them and stand on a tray or saucer.  if you can make some holes on the side not just the bottom. Put in pieces of stone just to above the holes level then a small piece of cheese cloth too stop weeds and your soil on top of that.  It makes an internal water reservoir – cleverhey!


Organic Soil
Buy it from your plant shop unless you grow your own.

Never, ever water a plant by splashing water over the top of the plant. You want to keep the leaves as dry as possible; otherwise they can develop mold and other issues – make sure you water the plant at soil level always. If its dry water it



make a garlic and onion and water spray and use if needed – else throw plant away and start again.

Keep it healthy and organic

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