olivesPreparing homemade olives as your centerpiece of a platter is just an awesome experience and you know what you eat.

Fresh black olives

Large flat bucket
sterilized glass jars with lids

1. First, wash and prepare the olives. Discard any with blemishes, cracks, holesx etc. Now, use a sharp knife to make a length ways cuts into each olive, down to the stone (try not to damage the pip).

2. Make a solution of salt and water(warm) enough to cover your olives in the large flat bucket.  the solution salt strength is simple to make.  Take warm water place in bowl add salt and add a raw egg (in its shell)  When it floats your saline solution is 100%.

3. Put all your olives in the Bucket covered with water.  Leave for 1 week to get rid of the bitterness.  Checking everyday and taste your olives and swirl them around.  If  at the end of the week they taste fine you can bottle them, otherwise rinse them and repeat this process for another week.  Patience!!!

4. When ready put the prepared olives into sterilized jars*. Add the olives until the jar is just two-thirds full. Then cover the olives with water (ordinary tap water). Now, here’s a great trick: part-fill a small plastic bag with water, tie it at the top, sit it on the olives in the jar. This keeps the olives underwater. Seal the jar with the lid.

3. Change the water every day. Pour out the old water, pour in fresh tap water. do this for a week. Don’t worry if, when you open the jar each day, you see a scum forming on top of the water. That’s normal.

4. Empty the water and now make another salt solution like in step 2 and cover your olives.(This is a brine solution)

5. Then pour some olive oil over the top of the brine solution, to completely cover the olives. Add some lemon peel or chili or rosemary and seal the jars, then leave them for 6 weeks.

Ready to eat. Buon appetito! This is how I ate them at my pasta class.

* Tip: to sterilize jars, wash them well first, then place the whole jar (and the lid) into a large pot filled with boiling water. Immerse the whole jar in water. Let the water simmer away for several minutes, lift the jars out carefully, let them dry on clean paper towels.

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