Cut out greedy time-guzzlers to put a bit of ooh-la-la back into your life – here’s how…..
Most women work out of the home these days – either by choice or by necessity. The problem with this is that females often feel a sense of guilt when they are unable to spend the kind of time with their children that their mothers and grandmothers were able to do with ease; mothers and grandmothers who did not have to juggle meals, kids, and jobs.


Times are different and so are the way we view our lives, careers, and home-life. Balancing and juggling the work-home factor is neither easy nor is it something many women are able to do with aplomb. This is why it is so important to get organised, and instead of spending the little time that you do have with your family by being frazzled and feeling guilty, sit down and do some serious soul-searching.

Get a pen and paper at the ready and write a couple of things down so that you can see where you are falling short – having this in black and white is extremely important to make some serious time-management adjustments.

You need to ask yourself these questions:

• What can you cut out of your life that is a greedy time-guzzler, and instead put that time back into your children’s and partner’s lives?

• How can you make time for yourself to exercise and de-stress – instead of collapsing in a heap at the end of yet another frenetic day running home and job, kids and meals.

• When did you and your family sit around a table with a decent home-cooked meal and not something that you grabbed in haste from the drive-through or one of those very unhealthy pre-cooked meals?

• Are you taking time – that is, quality time – with your children and actually LISTEN to what they have to say, instead of those monosyllables that have become part of your everyday conversations?

• When last did you and your partner have a date night out, without the kids?

• Are you balancing body, mind, and spirit to get that equilibrium into your life?

If you have answered “you cannot remember” to even one of these questions, you need to seriously reassess where you are in your life right now.

Time Management

The key here is time management and a good dose of assistance where life will start to get on that even keel again and where the balance will be part of your everyday vocabulary and actions.

Getting to the gym by waking up even half an hour earlier every second day or taking long walks will ensure you de-stress and add value to your life.

Food4Four have come up with a fantastic plan to assist busy lives and busy moms that try to balance work and home; the perfect solution to that onerous juggling act that has become second nature to many of our lives.

Cutting out most of the time shopping can put hours back into your family; Food4Four will shop for fresh ingredients when putting together smart, well-thought-out meals that you can prepare in minimal time.

Meals are now sourced, bought and recipes created so that the juggling can stop; instead ditch the guilt because time is now something you will now have enough of so that you can enjoy your family, listen to what and where they are in their lives around a table while sharing healthy, happy mealtimes.

And for goodness sakes, put on a pretty dress, book a table at your fave restaurant, get a babysitter and stare into your partner’s eyes to put a little bit of ooh-la-la back into your life.

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