Millennials make their mark on the economy and are a big deal, dictating what’s hot and what’s not as far as trends are concerned from fashion to food, health and fitness and more.

These are the trendsetters of our world for a very good reason as they make up a large percentage of the human population (in the region of 25%) and represent billions in annual buying power.

That is not to mention that they are a huge influence in what we do, what we eat and the way we view much of how we conduct our daily lives, including fitness and exercise.

The fitness industry is one of the most significant industries in which Millennials have made a huge impact – as a matter of fact they have rejected much of the trends of generations-gone-by and paved a path to a whole new world of fitness, including exercise regimes such as Pilates and Yoga where sculpting of the body and strengthening of the core, incorporating mind and body, play a major role. And instead of torturing their bodies and themselves for hours on the treadmill, many Millennials are flocking to take part in other forms of exercise such as high-intensity interval training including Zumba, among numerous others.

millennials and foodIn doing so, Millennials have transformed the business of fitness and the world of health entirely. Millennials have their focus on more individualized fitness programs that encompass values of the millennial generation.

Millennials have a far more holistic view towards health, too, and are ditching diets that have a focus on rapid weight loss.

Millennials also don’t believe that weight is the major factor of being healthy – not as much as previous generations which had their focus on being thin; instead they are viewing how much they weigh as being only one aspect of being healthy.

This fast-paced generation is continuously re-inventing the wheel, looking at the world anew from eating healthily through technology and creating all things fresh.

The internet has opened up a whole new world for Millennials where they are continuously finding like-minded individuals through online portals and communities.

Because they are possibly the busiest generation to date, and their lives are usually overscheduled this means they have less time for shopping and cooking, not always achieving that healthy lifestyle they aspire to.

That is where Food4Four steps into the fray to take hold of the controls – this is what they promise to do for Millennials and all the other generations keen on becoming their best, healthiest selves:

What Can You Do?

  • You will now be able to use the online portal to register for Food4Four.
  • You need never step into a supermarket again for meals that are not only average, hold a promise of being organic and fresh but in reality are rarely of a good quality.
  • You choose meals for one, two, four or more, selecting your options that are hand-picked fresh from top-notch suppliers, and delivered to you ready for preparation (the best-kept little secret in SA)!
  • Recipes and selections are made for you on your behalf – no more quandaries choosing what to cook and what to prepare for your family every day of the week.
  • Once preparation is completed and a decently-prepared, fresh, healthy meal is enjoyed by you, all containers are re-usable therefore they are 100% environmentally-friendly – another plus for Millennials keen on respecting all things environmentally-friendly world.

Healthy Lifestyle

For those Millennials keen on keeping up a healthy lifestyle and simply don’t have the time to shop correctly in order to eat healthily, Food4Four has taken shopping and cooking to new heights for all Millennials as well as all other generations to enjoy food the way it was always means to be – fresh, healthy and cooked with that little ingredient so lacking in our modern world – with lashings of love.

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