So often, we worry about a Mexican meal that will leave us bloated, full of indigestion and awake at night.Cook up a feast with these delicious (and healthy!) traditional and modern takes on popular Mexican dishes.

You can cook up a feast with delicious (and healthy!) traditional and modern takes on many popular Mexican dishes, without having to head south of the border of the USA with many delicious dishes.

With the new season of avocado pears coming now, combining avocados with fresh cream and lime juice creates a zesty, creamy dressing for your nachos which you can make with the best corn flour.



So we are excited to see that the Social Kitchen in Pretoria are hosting another very exciting event after their great St valentines dinner, Greek Social Sunday and last weekend’s Italian Social Sunday.


So on the 2nd April they hosting a Mexican Tapas Social Sunday Lunch.

If it is anything to go by with the freshest garden herbs and veggies, meat from the Kalahari, homemade new wave fantasies that have not been seen – we cannot wait.


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