bad eating habits

versus fresh food

Families need to convert from the processed stuff that is nutrient-poor, and which has become a prolific everyday way of living; instead they need to opt for real, natural food.  This means Healthy Food the Easy Way .

All our recipes are nutritious with an aim towards authentic, fresh, organic food that will automatically lead to healthy, happy families.

There is never a right time or a wrong time to steer your family onto the healthy path – that is why changing the way you feed your family right now can make a huge difference in the long run.

If you and your partner hold down full-time jobs, run a home, have children and pets to take care of – when the end of the day stares you in the eye, you hardly have time to swing by Woolworths or Pick n Pay to pick up a couple of sausages and rolls or some pre-cooked meals to throw something together for supper.

Worse still, if you are one of the busy stay-at-home parents running the mom’s taxi service, hopping from one extra-mural to the next, there is usually only enough time to stop by at the many tempting drive-through outlets to grab a quick burger or two or some fried food, which might satiate the immediate hunger pangs, but won’t do much to quell hungry kids for long periods of time – after all they are active and growing and need a lot more than processed food to keep them on top of their game.

There is nothing wrong with the occasional treat (or mistreat), of course, but if this has become a pattern in too many homes which needs to stop right there because families are being short-changed in the health department.

Childhood obesity is a reality – not only in South Africa, but right across the globe, and the best way to stop this pandemic in its tracks is in the home. Furthermore, heart disease and certain cancers are on the rise, as is high cholesterol – many of which can be managed and in some cases, even reversed with correct eating patterns especially by eating Healthy Food the Easy Way .


It is time to re-learn the way we cook and how we eat. This is where Food4Four and their exciting team enters the equation. We offer you the easy, healthy alternative to your processed and unhealthy way of living by presenting a couple of awesome options with more to come by giving you Healthy Food the Easy Way .  Having had success in her “The Art of Pasta making” at La Convivialita, Bruna, one of the owners states, “There is no time like now to focus on ingredients that are good for you.  You are what you eat after all”.

Life has become a frenetic race with so much pressure on parents and children with so little time left for those all-important home-cooked, healthy meals eaten at the table where conversation used to be the most important part of any family’s day. Kids sit around the TV, earphones plugged into ears eating junk food on their laps – small wonder the divorce rate has risen, diabetes in children has become a reality and family life is something only our grandparents enjoyed.  Look at the work Jamie Oliver has embarked on.

Now you can ditch those pre-made meals; best of all, your meals will be delivered right to your door, fresh and organically hand-picked ingredients and recipes jam-packed with goodness – ready to cook where you can now put the “f” back into family

It is time for a change – order meals from Food4Four that can be made from healthy ingredients and enjoyed around a table.  Here conversation can once again flow readily and happy; a place where healthy families will be able to enjoy each other once again.

It is time to put the “f” factor right back into your family! Healthy Food the Easy Way.


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