Hands-Up those families that feel that they don’t need a dual family income. In the world of today it is rare for mothers (and of course, fathers, too), to stay at home and take care of the household chores and the kids.

There are numerous options for those families when both parents need to work fulltime. Many large companies have day care facilities for really young children and then of course, for the older, school-going youngsters, there are au-pairs.

For religious families such as Muslim homes and Jewish families, au pairs of the same faith and cultures can be sourced through various religious organisations, although there are many homes that don’t mind a drop of cross-pollination.

You might be asking yourself where this is going. Making healthy food every day can become really challenging for dual income-producing families. This is where Food4Four steps in to assist and show you that it can still be attained.

We source the healthiest ingredients available to you which often means that it goes straight from the farm to the table – this eliminates the major grind of food shopping. Meals are ordered and delivered to your front door – and all you need to do is to compile the recipes from the user-friendly recipe cards to ensure you enjoy a fuss-free meal every day with your family.

There are ways and means of doing things in life – albeit at times it might be a slight bit different. The secret is to be smart, innovative and think out of the box for maximum benefit from life.

Food4four – all you need to do is cook!

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