Food4Four wishes all your happy homes a Happy Easter and a warm wishes for Pesach.

Easter and Pesach are right here on our doorstep. These two high profile holidays often overlap and mothers, love the feeling of having their families around them and the busyness of the kitchens all over the world will reverberate with the happy laughter of families cooking their traditional meals, mothers and grandmothers and children stir pots and add a pinch of this and a pinch of that.

These are the traditions that have created family bonds together for centuries.

PESACH – Passover

For the Jewish households it is a time of traditional taiglach and chicken soup, chopped liver and chopped herring, matzos and other unleavened delights that thrill children and adults alike.

Thing is, while all this activity is happening meals have to be prepared regardless and that is what Food4Four understands – after all it is holiday time, the kids are at home, and everyone from pa to grandpa still have to eat the proverbial meal each night and selecting the correct dishes to suit all and hold the traditions is what keeps the passover meal in its special space.

At Food4Four we understand and fully love and respect the kosher requirements and as such have not approached this in anyway – the best we can do is send warm wishes to your loved ones this Passover.


Christian mothers are also kept really busy as Easter stares us right in the eye and kids are home from school. Juggling the kids’ activities, preparing meals and cooking for a throng of visitors is not easily avoided and even  if you have been quick enough to make use of our readily sourced, easy meals delivered right to your door, we know you are cooking up a storm.

We thought you may have had more time for the family, laughter and bonding while dinner is sorted – but then that chef in you is always waiting to pop-out!

Food4Four wishes all your happy homes a Happy Easter and a warm wishes for Pesach.

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