Food4Four  It Is Our Promise to Deliver Fresh and Nutritious Meals

As we all know fast food is the answer to many a busy persons’ prayer. But fast food and ready-to-eat-meals often fall short of being healthy and nutritious.

The frenetic pace of modern lives often means that people don’t have a choice but to opt for meals and food that they know is way below par, yet they have little choice whatsoever but to eat meals that are anything but health. That is, until now. We have picked up so much feedback from facebook that we love to share this info with all you families and foodies.

What, then, is the solution, you might wonder. Fresh and healthy ready-to-compile meals, of course, that are delivered to your home or office (or holiday destination) where you will be able to compile these delectable delights every day of the week without the fuss and bother of having to source those amazingly fresh and sustainable ingredients everyone is talking about.

This is what Food4Four is able to do for you and your family:

We source the right ingredients on your behalf, package the meals with relevant all the relevant recipes, deliver it to your door and all you will have to do is to cook and serve!  Order your meal today!

For those of you that would love more than anything, to support a sustainable way of living but find the choices and options daunting, we remove the fear and instead have all these delivered for you to put together; life seldom gets easier or better than this!

At Food4Four we understand the importance of labelling law a little better than most:

At first sight labelling law appears to support ethical standards – and in actual fact here in South Africa our labelling law is quite excellent.

The Consumer Protection Act R146 stipulates that consumers must be able to make fair and informed choices that are based on the contents of the labelling.

Furthermore, the manufacturers have a duty to authenticate any claims that are made on the packaging.

It is one of the things we do at Food4Four – we understand what each labelling claim means, which is the very first step in sourcing the right products in the food you feed your families. This is the start of your meal planner.

Food4Four uses free-range, organic, grass feed and non-GMO wherever possible ensuring that in many instances food is brought directly to the table straight from the farm.

Expect nothing less than fresh ingredients, delightful, fun, and fuss-free fare. It is time to change lanes and regard food in an entirely different light.



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