food for one

So just because you a bachelor or bachelorette, does not mean sardines or beans on toast, takeaways and eating bad meals- treat yourself with an extra-special recipe every night for 4 days.  Even better if you choose a food for two you can have 8 meals for 1 for 8 days or invite a friend a prove what a hottie you are as a home skilled cook.  Time to impress. Food for 1 sounds good.

Shopping for one is a pain in the neck.  Buying ready made meals means eating what you think is good but have no idea. Throwing away old food drives you nuts so you end up ordering takeaways again.

So if you use food4four and order a food for 2 you will get:

  1. Someone who designs you healthy, fresh, free range and organic meals – Good Stuff
  2. Someone who gives you a recipe that you can follow and understand
  3. A meal that you can prepare and cook in half an hour – ok maybe 45 minutes because you slow
  4. Food that will not go to waste, but will have enough for you to make sarmies for work tomorrow
  5. No shopping queues – YES!
  6. Delivered to your work on a Monday for (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) – of course the weekends for other things!!!!

All you do is cook

Then because their is enough for a second person – you can invite your best friend or prospective partner – and really show them what a chef you are.

So cooking with Food for one – save yourself for what you do best! Be a bachelor or bachelorette. Let us bring the chef out in you!

So here are a few explanations to get you going

Sizes & Measurements:

  • Bunch – Either how the item came grouped (grapes) or a handful.
  • Some – About half a handful (or less if in reference to seasoning and spices).
  • Cup – This is an actual measuring utensil and not just a glass out of the cupboard.
  • tspn / tbl / tblspn / table spoon – unit of measurement not an actual eating spoon but use the cupboard one







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