Today the demand for healthy food made from great produce is growing, which we fully understand is the way moving forward for many family units. To meet these demands Food4Four has gone the extra mile to ensure that sustainable eating becomes a reality.

“Wherever possible we ensure that all the recipes and meals we put together for you, the consumer, is sustainable, at least 90% free range and organic and in many instances, the food we source goes directly from farm to table.”

To meet the needs of consumers, many suppliers are fast-tracking production, lining the shelves with organic, free-range and pasture-reared produce.

Shops are welcoming new sustainable suppliers with open arms, empowering consumers to enjoy the fruits of their yield, yet there are still a couple of things that sets ethical produce apart from the rest, and that is the labelling of food.


This can prove to be confusing for those individuals that have a yen for eating sustainably, but don’t have the time or the knowledge to do so.

At Food4Four we take all the hard work out of meals by sourcing the right products for you. We take great pride in discovering new ways of doing things by tracking down only the freshest components for delectable results.

At Food4Four we also understand that using ingredients to protect the environment and growing communities will make a difference.  And although this is a decades-long effort, we understand that every little bit helps and with each Food4four home chef, we can collectively build a better world and food system in the long-term.

When ordering meals from Food4Four expect to find:

  • Recipe cards.
  • Hormone-free meat.
  • Tried and tested recipes.
  • No repeats.
  • A flexible arrangement so you can skip your planned meals as and when you want AND you can start whenever you want.
  • You have a choice of a two-person plan, or you can select a four-family plan – you choose, we deliver!
  • Wholesome meal plans using top-notch ingredients.
  • There are plans that are pork-free and there are plans that are wheat-free; the world’s your oyster when selecting your planned meals

There is a meal for every type of individual, every kind of preference and any size family. All you need to do is to choose the plan that suits your situation and preference, and enjoy the freshness of seasonal ingredients while supporting sustainability.

You can select the above and so much more; furthermore there is no commitment so you will never be locked into something if you don’t want to be, because flexibility is what we are all about. Subscribe or once off – your choice.

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