So as we welcome 2017 and when we look at the effects concerning cultures, technology, travel, food and the art of eating and drinking, health and lifestyle these are some of the trends right now.

Healthy food because people have come to find natural, organic, free range and healthy alternatives all the time and we can see that the booze industry wants to be next in line to provide low-calorie, healthy options. Craft brewers and major labels alike are lining up to offer these new

Craft beers, Flavoured low alcohol drinks, flavoured sparkling waters, prosecco, organic wines, low alcohol champagne – this is what coming more and more and even though alcohol is not seen as particularly healthy, it’s the wellness lifestyle that is being adopted by everyone. Gin is hot, hot, hot.

Go for your 10km run and end off with a light beer, or low alcohol prosecco or bubbly.

Tumeric and Sage – the cure-alls are being used in all foods and is used for fighting diseases and inflammation for animals and humans alike. So we seeing foods for function on this wellness approach.

Marijuana is overtaking wine as the hip wellness approach for fun, food and medicine – and it’s likely to be part of all wellness meals (in limitation of course)

Smart Kitchens – so that you can order food online for your fresh ingredients and meals ready in 30 minutes – yup, vegans can get in on the act and actually start eating decent meals and not just mung bean sprouts and raw carrots.

Nootronics – power brews, power sweats(healthy), juices are coming in their droves. watch this space.

Then we have the fast food backlash – old is new!  Pasta making classes are in using stone ground flour, free range eggs and home made sauces. Good wheat!


Sunday meals on a social level where no cooking at home, no restaurants, but wholesome meals and community eating – this is where we are going.



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