Dads Rule – Stepford Wives Step Aside as Dads Conjure Up Ethereal Meals Transporting You to Foodie Heaven

Today’s world sees many role reversals with thousands of fathers right across the globe efficiently running homes and raising kids while their partners bring home the proverbial bacon.

House husbands and mommy fathers are becoming more and more common-place, therefore, making the cooking and feeding of families so much eaThe ultimate cooking dadsier for those stay-at home-dads (and moms), is often a pressing issue.

Men are the real deal and stepping up in the cooking and kid-raising stakes in many homes is often the norm; men repeatedly doing a sterling job that has been viewed as being traditionally female in the past. Thankfully times are changing, men are becoming emancipated in and out of the kitchen and women are going places both in and out of the corporate world!

How many times a week do you hear “what’s for dinner tonight Dad (or Mom)”? And how many times do you discuss this very same dilemma with your friends and family, as most times you don’t have a clue what to make for supper (Dads don’t usually discuss this over a beer with their mates, though).

Planning meals, shopping for the ingredients and knowing exactly what you are going to make that night is always a bit of an issue, let alone planning for an entire week. Goodness, if you hardly know what you are going to pack for lunch for the kids – then how on earth are you capable of thinking as far ahead as six or seven o’clock?

For those frenzied individuals that always seem to be chasing their tails and seem to be forever late, this might seem like the impossible, and it so often is.

If you are not one of those people that have everything down to pat from the planning to the freezing to the shopping to finding the biggest and best bargains in town, then you need Food4Four to remove this element of angst from your life.

Stepford Wives step aside (and Brie from Wisteria Lane of Desperate Housewives’ fame), and let Food4Four show you how it can be done easily and to absolute perfection – here’s how:

The time has come…

The time has come for you to register with Food4Four  – very, very easily online. Simply register for free, place your order which will also be delivered for free anywhere in South Africa, and you will receive your fresh ingredients to conjure up magical, thoughtful, healthy meals that will transport you and your family to the Magic Kingdom of Foodies as recipes are included for you to go the extra mile at mealtimes.

The meals you prepare with your magic wooden spoon will ensure that all those enchanted, freshly picked and freshly packed ingredients combine to bring back those ethereal qualities to your meal-time and family-time, every time!

Dads are doing it and so are Moms – the question is are you doing it? Food4Four will ensure you are doing it freshly, packed with nutrition and crammed with fun for the whole family to enjoy whether it is for one, two, four or more.


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