Different generations

Different generations

Going on holiday with mom, dad, your grandparents, teenagers, school children and toddlers, as well as Uncle Geoff and Auntie Brenda could prove to be a challenge, as the generation gap becomes obvious on so many levels and could prove to be rather challenging.

On so many levels, too, cooking is no different if you mix all the different generations into the fray. Gramps with no teeth will certainly want something quite different to your teenager who loves anything that is fast and furious and certainly not good for him or her.

If you want to play it safe and feed Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials at the same table and under one roof, you simply cannot go wrong if you choose nutritiously, fun meals that are easy to prepare and carefully thought out to please a plethora of palates.

Granted, making everyone happy all the time is certainly no easy feat, but going the clever route, where ingredients are sourced on your behalf, delivered to your door for pure unadulterated convenience, free of charge, a service where recipes are spelt out for you promises to be at least part of the generation battle won at the dinner table – and to be perfectly honest if there are still complainers, they will be allocated washing up duties.

Once you have ordered your pre-shopped, fresh meals, peppered with interesting, eye-popping recipes, everyone at your dinner table will find they enjoy the unique recipes that are not only good for one but quite inspirational.

From one generation to the next, you will be pleased to know that Food4Four dishes are for everyone, no matter if you are a Baby boomer (after the War), a generation Xer (somewhere in the early sixties and early eighties), or if you belong to Gen Y.

With Food4Four you don’t have to pick a number or a letter, belong to any particular generation or club to enjoy nutrition at its finest, and  better still you don’t even have to be a Nigella Lawson or  Jamie Oliver clone – honest.

Register Online

Register online, select your meals, have your stunningly fresh and/or organic ingredients delivered right into your sweaty little palms, where you and Food4Four will go down in gastronomic history.

Memories are made around the dinner table. Remember that perfect roast you shared over wine and laughter a couple of Christmases back when everyone was in town at exactly the same time of year (everyone that mattered), or remember your mother’s fave dish she always made for you when you were feeling under the weather?

Birthdays, celebrations, fun, sun, rain, laughter, flops, successes, graduations, the birth of your children, christenings, Barmis and more – everyone celebrates with food – even those sad occasions when you cater for funerals.

The Fabric of Food

Food is the fabric that the quilt of life is made from – it makes little difference whether it is a meal shared at night at the dinner table where you once again put back the stuffing into the relationships of your family or whether you are celebrating something a little more auspicious.

Baby boomers, Gen X, Y or Z – nutritious and delicious fare shared at your humble table pre-thought and pre-bought by Food4Four is all about ambiance, generosity, family, affection and more.

Don’t let those special little things and memorable moments of your life slip through your fingers – instead put the effort back without the hard work.

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