Get the very best of summer this and each holiday or long weekend away with holiday food delivered right to your door – be it a bungalow, B & B establishment, time-share apartment, your home before you leave or other.

Schools out for summer or winter and the holidays have hit with a vengeance. For many of us this is the time of year to take that very well-deserved break from the trim-tram of daily living, let your hair down and have some serious fun. But where to go for that memorable holiday experience?

Hotels are never quite what they promise to be unless you are in the mood for forking out a small fortune for a five star establishment but then again, mealtimes are quite restricted particularly if you have a family that like to have freedom to come and go as and when they please, so often missing the meals that have been paid for.

But the thing is this – getting self-catering still means a lot of cooking and preparation of meals and as the hunger pangs become a big reality especially after some serious time has been had by all either on the beach, in the waves and energy spent on all those activities that go with the territory. Nothing spells hunger quite as loudly as sun, sea and beach particularly for growing bodies.

The shops seem to have endless queues too and getting a little stock of groceries is a nightmare especially as everyone and his uncle have migrated to the sea, and all you see is Venter trailers lined up and parked everywhere.

This holiday season don’t let the shopping and preparation of the hungry wolf pack get you down and for goodness sakes, remember that it is your holiday too!

The answer is simple, really, get Food4Four to step in and help you feed the crowds:

  • Don’t let the shopping get you down – avoid the queues and order in – no we are not talking about pizzas and burgers, greasy fish and unhealthy junk food– we are talking about healthy, organic meals; meals that will be bought for you, tested for ease of cooking and delivered to you with all the necessary ingredients so that you can whip up delectable, easy recipes carefully thought out so that you can now avoid the tills and the holiday hordes and feed the hungry pack with healthy offerings. Life does not get much better than that.

Meals are delivered right to your door – even to your B & B and your self-catering establishment no matter where you decide to holiday this season.

All you need to do is to enjoy the holiday the same as the rest of the family and everyone can chuck in to make those amazing meals you only read about in magazines or see on foodie shows.

Food4Four is a fun way to do a self-catering holiday without the fuss and bother – don’t let cooking and the preparation of meals get you down or slow down the celebrations. Your summer plans should never, ever exclude this one luxury that you, the bottle washer, chef, cook, psychologist, teacher, coach, nurse and chauffeur so richly deserve.

Don’t get caught by being offered the Promised Land and end up working harder than ever before – instead ensure your holiday food delivery holds true to its promise and guarantees you get your own taste of Heaven on Earth!

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