You are the artistFor those individuals that yearn for the “good old days” where kids played in the street until dark, walked to the shops to buy a loaf of bread and rode their bikes to and from school, there is much good to be said about today’s modern world, too.

Granted, many of us race in and out the grocery store to pick up a couple of things only to slap down an unhealthy, quick meal for the kids to gobble up in front of the TV, plus everything else is done online – but have you ever stopped to think how you, the artist of your own life and own destiny can turn this way of life to your advantage and instead use online portals to work for you and not against you?

There is an art to living life well, from shopping to cooking as well as a host of other aspects of your daily world.

It is time to conjure up a certain picture in your mind’s eye – you are the artist and your life and world are the canvas. Change things around and put back that laid back, enjoyable, the end-of-day period where you actually cook good, nutritious meals.

The main question is, though, how is this at all achievable if you juggle shopping, cooking, caring for the kids and pets and run a busy job, too?

The Perfect Solution.

At Food4Four we offer you the perfect solution to this everyday challenge that all of us in a frenetically busy world experience.

Our nutritious and delicious meals are hand-picked with love and compiled just for you and your family to enjoy in a world that will feel as though you have been transported back in time; a place where people re-learn to enjoy the authenticity of family, good food, real ingredients and conversation all over again.

At Food4Four we are the artists; where delicious fare and creativity together are able to offer our clientele an exciting choice of meals.  These are delivered right to your door – no more food or money wastage and all you have to do is to get the kids to set the table.  Then you and your partner to enjoy time in the kitchen (or not) so that healthy meals are enjoyed resulting in healthy families.

And yes, there is indeed an art to shopping for four or more, or even less, and there is most certainly a right and a wrong way to eating meals with your partner or family.

Order your meals weekly.

Instead of trying to do it all, order your meals for the week from Food4Four and get your creative juices flowing without having to learn the art of shopping and cooking at a minute’s notice.

This will translate into time savings (more time with your loved ones), no wasted ingredients or heaps of leftovers (money saved on every level).  Also a new and exciting ways that you can now prepare with or without your partner (you choose).

Remember that you are the artist of your own destiny and that the world around you is the canvas ready for your creativity.

And which medium you select to use is entirely up to you.  Frazzled and tired, unhealthy and unfit; the alternative choice being the healthy, happy picture with you and your family planning weekly meals, ordering complete recipes and ingredients so that the elements of fun and love can form part of your not-so-blank canvas.


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