family eating togetherWith childhood obesity reaching staggering proportions, what we feed our families demands a response. This is perhaps one advantage of having your food delivered, fresh, right to your front door. But there are many ways of making meals and food in your home healthy and enjoyable.

Obviously, treats at parties and school present an entire set of challenges, but educating your family by leading a good example will provide entire families with the tools they need to eat well.

The goal would be to get your family to get their taste buds to desire and crave healthful foods, as taste buds can be made – but if you are in a quandary to get your family to eat healthfully, you are certainly not alone. That is why Food4Four has devised a plan that will help families eat healthfully.

  • Plan meals together – there is no time quite like the present to let each member of the family have an opportunity to select meals from Food4Four, where all ingredients are freshly picked, packed and ready to put together in a memorable, creative meal.

When kids get involved they enjoy the process more and it is also a delightful way to teach them about eating well.

  • Always sit down and eat meals together – this one is obvious, as there is nothing like sharing together the day’s events, good or bad.
  • For in-betweens keep healthy snacks at the ready – when kids want to nibble on something between meals, stock up on plenty of nuts, fruit, raisins and yoghurts instead of crisps and sweets.
  • Don’t take your food so seriously – plan fun food times together – toasting marshmallows and making popcorn with the kids for a girl’s night in will make the whole food-making process a little light-hearted.
  • Healthy dinners are good but breakfasts are vital breakfast gets the metabolism going to give your family the energy they need for the day. Breakfast is not only good for the body, but important for the mind, too.
  • Variety is the spice of life – using fresh herbs and spice in your recipes will make your food fresh and original. Food4Four only uses the freshest ingredients, therefore the recipes we conjure up for the delight of your family is guaranteed to taste really good, all the time.
  •  Teach your kids the value of food from little – children need to be educated about what they put in their mouths. Remember that food is fuel and never a reward or punishment.
  •  Forbidden foods just look more enticing – by forbidding your kids from eating certain foods will only make them more eager (remember Eve in the Garden of Eden?).
  •  Never use negative vocabulary – words such as “fat” and “stupid” should be seen as swear words and should be deemed a huge no-no. It’s about building kids up and not breaking them down on any level.
  •  Be a role model for your kids – you are the role model for your children so the way you eat and the way you view being healthy will rub off onto them.
  • Never criticise the choices that your kids make when it comes to food – instead of being negative, show them the right way and the wrong way to view meals and good food.

With Food4Four you can now teach your family to eat healthfully – get nutritious, hand-picked meals delivered to your door to instil a philosophy of health in your home from an early age.

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